Quiet and modest, Tony James would rather be directing the spotlight than in it. (That's why we're telling you his story and he isn't).

Tony started Woodbridge Fireplace in 2003 and developed a line of direct-vent gas fireplaces that was introduced to the market in 2004. The products were originally manufactured in the Brampton, Ontario, but production has now moved to our new facility in Mississauga, which is also home to our state of the art showroom.

Prior to starting his own company, Tony enjoyed a rewarding 15+ year career working in the same industry,  holding positions such as Director of Engineering and Product Development Manager for well known North American industry leaders. Tony's experience also includes Production Management, Quality Assurance, Purchasing, Manufacturing Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, and Logistics.

Tony's list of accomplishments is long - and impressive! He is responsible for the design, certification and introduction of the following products to market since 1989 (and the list grows on):

  • B-Vent Zero-Clearance Fireplaces - 7 basic natural gas and propane models, 4 brand names.
  • Direct-Vent Zero-Clearance Fireplaces - 36 basic natural gas and propane models, 10 brand names.
  • Wood burning Zero-Clearance Fireplaces - 5 basic models, 4 brand names.
  • Vent Free Zero-Clearance Fireplaces - 26 basic models, 5 brand names.
  • B-Vent Freestanding Stoves - 7 basic models, 7 brand names.
  • Direct-Vent Freestanding Stoves - 13 basic Models, 9 brand names.
  • Vent Free Freestanding Stoves - 4 basic models, 6 brand names.
  • Vented and DV Gas Fireplace Inserts - 18 basic natural gas and propane models, 7 brand names.
  • Vented Gas Log Sets - 17 basic models, 7 brand names.
  • Contemporary Retrofit Burners - 14 basic models, 1 brand name.
  • Vent Free Gas Log Sets - 12 basic models, 5 brand names.
  • Direct Vent Masonry Fireplaces - 1 basic natural gas and propane model.
  • B-Vent Masonry Fireplaces - 1 basic natural gas and propane model.
  • Outdoor Firepits and burners - 38 models, 3 brands.
  • Outdoor Gas Log Sets - 2 basic models, 1 brand name.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces - 48 models, 6 brands.
  • Firelog Enhancers - 4 models.


Accessories for Hearth Products including:
  • Complete vent systems for direct vent appliances
  • Blowers
  • Perimeter extruded trims
  • Louvers
  • Mantels
  • Glass Doors
  • Filigree panels
  • UL approved decorative termination shrouds for wood burning fireplaces
  • Control covers
Tony is also a voting member on the following ANSI/CSA technical advisory groups:
  • ANSI Z21.84
  • ANSI Z21.60
  • ANSI Z21.50 / CSA 2.22
  • ANSI Z21.88 / CSA 2.33
  • ANSI Z21.86 / CSA 2.32
  • ANSI Z21.11.2
  • ANSI Z21.97/CSA 2.41

In addition, Tony has been active in other standards and organizations over the years including:

  • ANSI Z21.11.1
  • ANSI Z21.44
  • P.4 Efficiency, and Vent Free Gas Products Alliance
And finally, Tony has built strong, long term relationships with the following approval agencies and organizations:
  • OMNI
  • CSA (A.G.A./CGA)
  • UL
  • ITS (Warnock Hersey/ETL)
  • I.C.B.O.
  • GAMA
  • HPA
  • NPGA
Stop by our showroom. You'll often catch Tony meandering around... working with customers, answering questions, and sharing his ideas for the next great design!

We (and Tony) look forward to seeing you!