MONTANA Direct Vent Gas Fireplace (72" Viewing Area)

Brand: Woodbridge Fireplace
Type: Fireplace
Fuel: Natural Gas Propane

72" Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

Standard Features

  • Black glass media.
  • 72" wide, durable ceramic glass viewing area.
  • Black enameled reflective back panel, protective safety screen.
  • Clean face. Can be covered with non-combustible material for minimalistic look.
  • Standing Pilot with battery operated ignition.
  • 2x140 C.F.M., variable speed, thermostatic circulating fans.
  • Stainless steel flex connector and gas shut-off valve.
  • ON/OFF Remote control with built-in timer.
  • Highest quality of materials, components, and workmanship.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Height(* including standoff) 32" (*38.25") 32" (*38.25")
Width 81" (*83") 81" (*83")
Depth(* including rear standoff) 23.75" 23.75"
Viewing Area 1150 sq. inch 1150 sq. inch
Input Rate ( btu/h) 45,000 - 58,000 46,000 - 55,000
Gas fuel Natural Gas Propane
EnerGuide FE Rating

50.58% (MONTANA-NE)

53.74% (MONTANA-PE)

Glass material Ceramic Ceramic



  • Metalic brown face, air, and side panels.
  • 304 brushed stainless steel face
  • Various glass and stones for media tray.
  • Realistic hand-detailed driftwood set.

Additional Features for MONTANA-(N,P)-E

  • Electronic ignition with battery back-up assures operation during a power failure.
  • Remote control with built-in thermostat and flame height modulation.